in the dark- ... after "in the rain- ..."

in the dark-
streetlights, the lamp
being turned off i lie awake and
dream of you

that incandescent
search-light which was your unexpected visit
your golden eyes the filament
of your brightness

your smile half-
half-embarrassed and your hesitant
voice wherein I thought I heard more than friendliness

there were those cheap spaghetti dinners
your gift from the heart
and then

your interest (?)
in me (!). foolishly
a crazy hope is
kindled,and i

of you

(apologies to e. e. cumming)

in the rain- ...

in the rain-
darkness, the sunset
being sheathed i sit and
think of you

the holy
city which is your face
your little cheeks the streets
of smiles

your eyes half-
half-angel and your drowsy
lips where float flowers of kiss

there is the sweet shy pirouette
your hair
and then

your dancesong
soul. rarely-beloved
a single star is
uttered,and i

of you

-- This piece using creative spacing, hence the [CODE] format.
-- Feel free to chastise me for sullying cumming's lovely original, I will accept your abuse in all humility. This is as sublime as cumming gets.
-- But if you don't, thanks to Quinn and Garran for their pieces -- I've had the original on my desktop for several weeks.
[OK, I don't have a recording handy, so the scansion is probably off, but...]

_Saved Game_ (_Memory_, AL Webber's _Cats_)

Midnight, not a sound from the gamers
has Piro flushed his RAM? -
he is smiling, alone:

in the starlight, inferences collect as they sleep:
and Piro begins to moan.
memory: all alone after the dark,
he can smile about the day...
was she so beautiful?

I'm sure in time I'll learn what makes you happy,
I'll play Princess Maker again
Every streetlamp flickers as I recharge my battery
Largo mutters something unimportant --
soon it will be morning.

Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new game
and I musn't give up:
when the dawn comes, tonight will be a saved game too
and a new game will begin.

(Burnt-out Athlons' smoky grave =
the beer-ful smell of Largo)

The streetlamp dies
another night is over
another game is starting --

play with me, it's so easy to do;
share with me your memory --
what made you smile, Piro?

If you play with me, I'll learn what your happiness is:
look, a new game has begun.


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