The Unseelie Court's Rave
by Eric Schuller

It was a fine day in the Unseelie Court,
The revel was going just fine.
There was laughter and jest and witty retort,
All kinds of food of the loveliest sort,
And music to tingle the spine.

The goblins and gargoyles were capering 'round
With trolls through the sinister spires
And throughout the hall rang cacophonous sound
With gossamer wings nowhere to be found
Amid all the muck and the mires.

O that cave of evil! Oh it was a sight!
In there evil spirits did soar!
All manner of meanie who haunted the night,
Grigs, ghosts, and ghoulies danced by candlelight
When someone did knock on the door.

And framed by the door stood a girl, fey and fair
Whose presence did seem to forebode.
She had purple ribbons all laced through her hair;
Immediate hush fell over the air
As into the grand hall she strode.

And with her came two males, one timid, one brave,
They slowly crept into the room.
The faerie stared at them from all o'er the cave
And cackled with glee knowing nothing could save
The "guests" from their impending doom.

With a chuckle she said, "You see, timid one?
I told you there's nothing to fear.
From these troubled souls, why, there's no need to run.
Simply relax and I'm sure you'll have fun.
I'm sure you'll be glad you were here."

While timid said nothing, the brave one, he speaks.
"Foul creature, just what is this place?
You must think I'm crazy, of evil this reeks!
This place is chock full of mad zombie freaks!"
And anger came over his face.

Her ribbons ignored him; she turned to the fey
And brought, out of nowhere, a disc.
She quipped, "I've some music I want you to play
If you're in the mood to be brazen today
You could try it out, take a risk."

A gnome took the disc to his gizmos and gears,
The place was as still as a grave.
And placing some headphones on top of his ears
He started the music despite his fears
And the faeries began to rave!

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