I wrote this earlier tonight as an aside.

This FILK is set to the tune of 'Danny Boy', or the 'Londonderry Air' as it is possibly more commonly known in Ireland. If you ever have an opportunity to hear Sinead O'Connor sing this, take it. If there is a speck of celtic blood in you, you will cry.

Anyway, here' the FILK (either from Piro's POV, or mine, depending on how you want to take it)


Oh Kimiko, the day long sought is coming,
Lay all your troubled thoughts off to the side.
Fate's intervened, your empathy has served you -
Now, dearest, spread your wings and learn to fly.

But do not lose that sweet and gentle nature,
let not a future bright change how you see.
Keep who you are so carefully inside you,
Please keep it safely cherished till you come to me.

And if you come, and all the rooms are darkened,
and I am gone, as gone I may well be,
Then shed a tear, but dearest, do not mourn long,
though I hope you'll long remember me.

And I will love you now, and love you always,
Although the oceans wide between us lay,
And every day, I'll wish that I was nearer;
Don't lose your faith, don't lose your shining way.

But if I stay, and should you be departing,
let not your saddest thoughts be just of me,
but let the tears flow freely for your best friend,
I know that she will miss you terribly.

And I will take my memories of our time,
and I shall keep them safe from winter's snow,
and I will close my heart to other interests.
Oh Kimiko, oh Kimiko, I love you so.

Danny Boy

Ah, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are callin'
from glen to glen, and down the mountain side.
The summer's gone, and all the flowers fallin' -
t'is you, t'is you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summers in the meadow
or when the valley's hushed and white with snow.
T'is I'll be here, in sunshine or in shadow.
Ah, Danny Boy, ah Danny Boy I love you so.

But if you come, and all the flowers are fallin',
and I am dead, as dead I may well be.
Ye'll come and find the place where I am lying,
and kneel and say an 'Ave' there for me.

And I shall hear, though soft your tread above me,
And o'er my grave will warmer sweeter be,
And you will bend and tell me that you love me
And I will sleep in peace until you come to me.

But if I live and should you die for Ireland,
Let not your dying thoughts be just of me,
But say a prayer to God for our dearest Island
I know He'll hear and help to set her free.

And I will take your pike and place my dearest.
And strike a blow, though weak the blow may be
Twill help the cause to which your heart was nearest
Oh Danny Boy, Oh, Danny boy I love you so.

And with that, adieu.

She Boarded the Train
[midi file]

My young love said to me, "My roommate won't grin,
"And my family won't slight you 'cuz you are gaijin."
And she stepped away from me, and this to me said,
"It will not be long, love, 'til you and I wed."

She turned away from me and she boarded the train,
With my heart brimming full as I stood in the rain,
And I crossed o'er the bridge as I turned away home,
Where the heron of evening took shelter alone.

Now when I pass near, my friends' voices fall,
They whisper their words, but their faces tell all,
And I turn my face up to the clouds far above,
For never again have I seen my sweet love.

I dreamt last night that my young love came near,
Her sweet face was blurred as my eyes filled with tears,
And her voice was so wistful as to me she said,
"It will not be long, love, 'til you and I wed."
She Moved Through the Fair

My young love said to me, "My mother won't mind
And my father won't slight you for your lack of kind."
And she stepped away from me and this she did say,
"It will not be long, love, till our wedding day."

She stepped away from me and she moved through the fair,
And fondly I watched her move here and move there,
And she went her way homeward with one star awake,
As the swan in the evening moved over the lake.

The people were saying, no two e'er were wed
But one had a sorrow that never was said
And I smiled as she passed with her goods and her gear
And that was the last that I saw of my dear.

I dreamt last night that my young love came in,
So softly she entered that her feet made no din,
She came close beside me, and this she did say,
"It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day."

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