Tohru, by the Sea

The autumn breezes taste like tea,
And painted leaves fall from this tree,
They swirl and dance like fireflies,
Too briefly brilliant, as their lives
Are shaken free.

This ancient elm I stand beside
For centuries has grown;
It anchored roots both deep and wide,
Within the forest loam.
Yet it had not been long alive
When first you walked these hills;
I wonder, after all this time,
Do you recall it still?

And as this tree must shed its leaves
In season, so must you shed me,
For I must age and fade one day
And, like the leaves, be blown away
Down to the sea.

To you our love must seem so brief
That I'll fade from your mind,
As just another turning leaf
That fell in autumn time.
Yet I could wish that years from now
You'll stand beside this tree,
And gently through your heart allow
Some memories of me.

This elm has no near company,
It stands alone above the sea,
And though that means it needn't share
The sunlight's warmth, the open air,
It seems lonely.

A single tree might well endure
Some nearby shade, you know,
Though it might mask the sunlight pure,
And crowd its room to grow.
I think it might desire much
The reassuring presence
Of one that would not fade with such
Heartbreaking evanescence.

But look, the sun has climbed the sky,
While I have kept us idly by!
I thank you, love, for not refusing
To hear my simple, idle musing;
Now let us fly.

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