[!filk] First, I'd like to point out that this is an OverClocked Remix. That means that it is a remix of a video game song. Now, I'm filking this song because it is the original plus a melody. The original was lyrics only, and besides, I don't have access to it. That out of the way, here's the filk. [/!filk]

Un-united Hearts
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to BenCousins

They stare at themselves
and the ones that they love,
and think,
"Who is it they love?
Could it be my best friend?
Do I not know them?
Or might I be the one?"

Kimiko, my heart,
who's the one of your soul?
I hope
it's not some dumb troll.
Possibly I know them,
but cannot lead them,
save if I fill that hole... (1)

Piro, did I fall
from a great high ceiling
and land
on the floor "Feelings"? (2)
Is this love I'm smelling?
Is it my perfume?
What am I not seeing?

Come on, Piro-san.
I want you for sensei.
but you
always run away.
Could it really be true
that you found so soon
a girl who fills your day?

(1) This is not ecchi. It means hole of heart. Hole in soul. That sorta thing.
(2) Like floor "Three" or "Penthouse Level".

by BenCousins

Note: To download, find the button on the left side of the screen labeled "Download". I couldn't find that for a while.

I stare at the stars
and the sky up above,
and think,
"What am I made of?
Am I full of sorrow?
Am I hurt and pain?
Or am I filled with love?"

*repeat 3 more times*

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