Christmas in the UFl
done to Christmas in the trenches by John McCutcheon

My name is Doctor Lightsider, I come from the UFL
And many years have passed to make a rather strange tale.
From Miho to Erika, From Ping to here
I heal for people and friends that I love most dear.
Twas Christmas in the UFL, where the pies so bitter hung.
The manic halls of the hospital were still; no curses sung.
Our compatriots in the CoM were dancing the night away
Their brave and glorious tasks complete for the day.

I was sitting with my heart, Tohru, on the battered couch
When across the rooms came Mahou with her medical pouch.
Says I, "Hello Mahou, my friend." And each Rei strained to hear
As she spoke up as she drew ever near.
"I've come to ask some question." She says straight to me.
Soon, one by one, each question's answer was given safely.

The patients rested silently; the moans of pain no more
As Christmas brought us respite from the fanboy war.
As soon as we finished, a reverent pause was spent.
"If I may, I have a rather personal question." I looked to see just what she meant.
"What is the reason you are so upset?" "Tis the night only," says I
And glanced silent at the star filled sky.
'There's someone coming.' I think and my time bide
As the form winged, lone cross the eve. I sighed.
Her feathers gleamed beautifully, like Christmas stars in the moonlit night.
She bravely flew, heart unarmored, into the waiting light.

Soon, one by one on either side, walked into No Man's Land
With neither glare nor sharpened tongue, we met hand-to-hand.
We shared our shattered thoughts and wishes to no more dwell.
And in a flair of magic light, we held each other still.
We traded words and caresses that shook us to our bone.
No idea did we have, either one, on our own.
The night continued to show just what might have been
To this curious and unlikely silent man.

Soon daylight stole upon us and we were Lightsider and Shadowdancer once more
With sad farewells; we each prepared to settle back to war.
But the question haunting both hearts that lived that wonderous night,
'Whose love shall I set within my lonely sights?'
Twas Christmas in the UFL where pies, so bitter hung.
The manic halls of the hospital warmed and shone like the sun.
For the walls we'd kept between us to exact the work of war
Had crumbled and were gone forever more.

My name is Doctor Lightsider, in the UFL I dwell.
Each hour after that lovely breath, I learned my lesson well.
That those who do not venture and attempt not a thing
Will not reach peace of soul and mind the like so far unseen.

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