The Night Before Update
(with apologies to whoever's running out of them - especially Dom)

'Twas the night before update,
And all through the forum
Discussion continued
With a sense of decorum

When suddenly what to my eyes did appear
But a SGD comic, and how it did sear
I hurriedly warned all the others around
That the main page was now severely unsound

But to my surprise, my shock and dismay
A great many forumites shouted "hooray"
They raved on Dom's brilliance, his wit, his panache
While others thought it should go out with the trash

Lively debate from then did ensue
Whose side who was on, well nobody knew
Reason and nonsense were thrown into the fray
Because everyone passing had soon had their say

But soon it diminishes, and quiet resumes
We mope about, no longer an argument looms
Soon from the forums comes many a shout:
"Hey, when is the next one coming out?!"

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