Ok. I admit these are spur of the moment and forced, so I beg forgiveness from the Powers that Be.
Christmas in Megatokyo
done to : Christmas in Killarney
A cute pre-teen or BG mean...
The scariest thing you've ever seen
Is Christmas in Megatokyo
With all the RAVERS there.

It's nice, you know, to shoot your beau
While rampaging Megatokyo.
And Shoka-san you know, of course
Will hatch an evil scheme.

Shadowdancer's life
Is ruled by complex heart
Fo rif her love should fail
She'd blow the town apart.

How lovely it feels to shurk the sun
And join the fun of destruction.
Bathed in a sinister glow
Almost too much to bear
Is Christmas in Megatokyo
With all the dolfies there.
2) I Saw Miho kissing Piro-san
done to: I SAw Mommy kissing Santa Claus by T. Conner (c.) .1952

I saw Mio kissing Piro-san
Inside the gaming universe last night.
They didn't see me creep
Past the firewalls so L33T,
But I found the view stunk
So closer I crept to take a peek.
Then, I saw Miho pushing Piro-san
Underneath his chin, blushing bright.
Oh what a laugh it would have been
If Largo had only seen
Miho kissing Piro-san last night.
3) Sleep Well, my Children
done to: Sleep Well, Little Children by A. Bergman, L. Klatzkin 1956

Sleep well, my children,
Whatever you are;
Tomorow is rampage
Shadowdancer Duskstar.
Soon the faithless will fall
And tomorrow you'll see
Every person, one and all
Waiting just for me.

Sleep well, my children,
And don't dance through the night; Tomorrow is rampage
All merry and bright.
Soon you'll hear the voices sing,
Time for dreams to come true
As the store wakes to bring
Miho Blankets for you.

Sorry again for the butchering. ^__^"

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