Okay. Here's the basic idea of this thread.
As you probably don't know, Friday marks the beginning of Hannukah. If you don't know what that is, rest assured that all you need to know is that it's a Jewish holiday.
On Hannukah, us Jews play this weird game. We snag a toy called a Dreidel. This is a top with Hebrew letters on the four sides that it has. There's a game associated with this, but it doesn't really matter for this. All you need to know is that somehow, money or chocolate money or something is exchanged depending on how the top is spun. You gamble on it, sorta.
From the Dreidel (pronounced drei-del), we get a song that goes like this:

I had a little dreidel,
I made it out of clay.
And when it's dry and ready,
Oh, dreidel I shall play!

There's a chorus, too.

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel,
I made it out of clay!
And when it's dry and ready,
Oh, dreidel I shall play!

There's not much difference there. I took the liberty of recording me singing this, and posting it somewhere. I suck at singing, IIRC, so that's only good for the basic melody/timing of the song.
Either way, it's a sorta tradition among bored Jews to filk this song. It is probably one of the most often filked songs ever. Some examples:

I have a little dreidel,
I made it out of mud.
And when I went to spin it,
It fell down with a THUD!

I had a real weird dreidel,
It was made out of bread.
But then I became hungry,
So I ate it instead!

I have a quite big driedel,
I made it out of bush.
And when I try to spin it,
It knocks me on my tush!

Please note that tush is Yiddush or something for what some might call one's behind.

Anyways, enough with the preamble, let's get filking!

Megatokyo Spinning
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to Every Jew on the Planet

I had a little driedel,
I made it from the strips.
But all I did was read it,
So I lost all my chips!

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel!
Made from the DPDs!
New ones randomly posted
At one or sometimes three!

I had a wimpy Piro,
Pretending to not care.
But he had to confess that
He felt she was quite fair!

Oh, Piro, Piro, Piro!
The frail one did admit
That he likes Kimiko-chan,
Maybe she will commit!

Anyways, that's all I've cooked up for now. Anyone who wants to try their hand at this, please do! I most likely will be posting more later, so don't make me the only one!
Oh, and... While I was trying to record the song, I got a bit bored...
Overclock-ed dreidel, goes
spin and spin and spin
and spin and spin and spin and...
Th15 g4m3 1 c4nn0t w1n!
Oh, Miho, Miho, Miho,
How darkly you are cute.
When you turn and face me,
Your charm I can't refute.

Mighty Rent-a-Zilla,
the hungry burninator!
I see you eating pork rinds.
Hey, those aren't Kosher!

ooc: I love the dreidel song! My friends taught it to me in high school and gave me a dreidel to play with, but then I forgot the song. And now I know it! w00t!
Faction faction faction,
we rant about our clan
and when we win at fighting
we lose attention span

We like to Godmod forums
we do it all we can
and if you 'tempt to beat us
we whine and use our NEN

Moofie moofie moofie,
you send me out of chat
Moofie moofie moofie,
(Lucifereacention has logged out of the chatroom)
Oh pointy pointy pointy
I made you out of wood
And when I sat upon you
I wished I really stood.

Oh Pointy Pointy Pointy
I really miss you so!
But when I sat upon you,
You made me curse like Snow!

Oh Ely Ely Ely
I pity for your soul
Because I suck at filking
And I've really got to go.
I tried to make a dreidel
I tried to make it spin
But with a duct tape tangle
I found I couldn't win

Oh, duct tape, duct tape, duct tape,
Not good for everything!
'Cause when I tried to spin you
All that you did was cling

I made real cool dreidel
I made it from 1337 beer
But when the game was started
My dreidel'd disappeared

Oh, dreidle, dreidle, dreidle,
Why must you be so 1337?
For when I gaze upon you
My dreidle, I must eat.
Am-chan, am-chan, am-chan,
You gave me a skillet.
Despite the same letters,
t'does not rhyme with fillet.
Oh, filking, filking, filking,
These weird sonds I've adored,
But when you filk of dreidels,
You know you're way too bored.

Oh Ely, Ely Ely,
I must show my disdain,
Although the filks are funny
The tune's stuck in my brain!

Oh, haiku, haiku, haiku,
This song, you'll help me beat 'er!
Only through you can I
Get back to my old meter!

*stops, meditates...*

Spinning clay dreidles
The ancient, infectious song
Rings clear through SD.

...There...back to normal...
Good filking, everyone! *Ducks out before he starts singing again*
I met a genki robot
She said her name was Ping
But if you get her stinky
You'll find that she can fling!

Oh robot, robot, robot
Your genki is so cute
But if I make you angry
You shall give me the boot!

I know a former idol
Her face and form do charm
But if you try to touch her,
She'll turn and break your arm!

Oh, idol, idol, idol
Please leave me my arm!
I'll just sit here and watch you,
So please don't do me harm!
Oh Junpei, Junpei, Junpei,
Your ninja skills are l33t
And when I try hit you
My Ears are near my feet!

Oh ninja ninja ninja
Please teach me of your art
I know I'll never beat'cha
But I'll try very hard

Oh master Largo L33T 1
You guide his skills quite well,
As soon as Miho Frames you,
He breaks you out of Jail.
I was an evil ficcer,
But then I ficced Yuki!
And I was taught my lesson,
Draegos was mad at me!

Oh, Draegos, Draegos, Draegos!
You're very mad at me!
It seems it was a mistake
To go kill off Yuki!

I had filked Kimiko once
And killed her off as well,
But then hellblade, he killed me
And to the ground I fell!

Oh, filking, filking, filking!
This will be my downfall!
It seems that I make angry
Every one of y'all!

[EDIT] Oh, yeah, L33T N1NJ4, if you need help rhyming things, do what I do. Go to http://www.rhymezone.com. Very, very helpful site. [/EDIT]

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