I was an evil ficcer,
But then I ficced Yuki!
And I was taught my lesson,
Draegos was mad at me!

Oh, Draegos, Draegos, Draegos!
You're very mad at me!
It seems it was a mistake
To go kill off Yuki!

I had filked Kimiko once
And killed her off as well,
But then hellblade, he killed me
And to the ground I fell!

Oh, filking, filking, filking!
This will be my downfall!
It seems that I make angry
Every one of y'all!

[EDIT] Oh, yeah, L33T N1NJ4, if you need help rhyming things, do what I do. Go to http://www.rhymezone.com. Very, very helpful site. [/EDIT]

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