*slams fists down on table* Of all the insolent little...

"No, not at all" she says??? This isn't just an innocent "not at all." No, it's borne of her hatred for Erika-sama... Now, I understand the girl's heartbroken, but such coldness, such disrespect for one as holy as Miss Erika-sama... The girl had best learn some respect from her betters.

*sigh* But, since our idol is so forgiving and kind, we must follow suit. So, also in step with our idol, we shall attempt to assist with this young girl's love life. Since Piro is obviously not an option, we figured we'd look for men who are more in Yuki's league (we only wish for her happiness). In this pursuit, we have considered the following:

Ikari Shinji... no good, he's got that Asuka chixx0r
Steve Urkel... no, he's got Laura, "his sweet."
Steve Irwin? Oops, he's already taken, sorry, dear.
Charlie Brown? Red-headed girl.
Draegos? Meagan.
Largo? Meagan.
Alucard? Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing.
Count Chocula? There's that whole yaoi thing with the Trix Rabbit...
King Tutankhamen? Heeey, that's not a bad match, despite being dead for a few thousand years....

*chants begin to ring in from the sides of the stage*
King Tut!

Yuki and King Tut (with apologies to Steve Martin)

(King Tut. King Tut.)
Now when he was a young boy, he never thought he'd see
Such a girl as Yuki, with whom he wants to be.

(King Tut)
Pretty funky for a deadie.
(Funky Tut)
He'll protect our Yuki.
(Love in MegaTokyo, Yuki he won't say no,
King Tut)

Now if she'd see, how faithful he could be.
She'd turn her back on Piro, and be happy Yuki.

(King Tut)
Yuki won't be sorry.
(Funky Tut)
So Yuki better hurry.
(Love in MegaTokyo, Yuki he won't say no,
King Tut)

(Tut! Tut!)
Raving with such Style!
(Raver Tut! Tut!)
For you he'll run a mile!
(Boss Tut! Tut!)
Yuki with a smile,
(Rockin' Tut! Tut!)
Walking down the aisle.
(Oooooh, wah-ooooh)
He gave up his life for Yuki.

*saxophonist pop out of crypt for a solo*

Followers of Yuki! He'll always be faithful!

Now let's not lie, now no-one bust a gut,
There's no-one for our Yuki-chan, who's better than King Tut!
(King Tut)
Now Yuki is so happy.
(King Tut)
'Cos King Tut is so soppy.
(Love in MegaTokyo, Yuki he won't say no,
Love in MegaTokyo)

Even Yuki really thinks so.
(King Tut)

(orignal can be found at http://snltranscripts.jt.org/77/77rkingtut.phtml)

This has been brought to you by Fox, Samhain, Hellblade, Izuko, and The Society for the Taunting of Draegos.

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