(for Largo and Piro)

Over the ocean and through drunk haze
To see Megatokyo!
The L33t know the way
To get through Junpei;
For new games to play, we go!
Over temptation we cannot win;
Our money will quickly fly;
But w00t for the fun!
(Are the ph3arbots done?)
And w00t for the cuteypies!

(Dom and Ed's verse)

Over the ocean and through black ops,
To 'fix' us a bot we go.
(pointing at each other)
He'll never admit he's here on a hit,
(pointing at everyone else)
And they have no need to know.
(Ed sings)
Over the city and through the glass
(Dom sings)
The bot really ownzed poor Ed!
(Ed sings)
When concrete blows, it stings the nose!
(Dom sings)
You're lucky to have a head.


Over the counter and through the streets,
We're meeting each other here.
Time's at the gate, and changes won't wait
To be asked in for a b33r.
Over the ocean and through drunk haze
For fate and sad girls in snow!
So laugh and cheer
(The cute ones, ph3ar)
And thank Megatokyo!

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