It's the All-Star Megatokyo Christmas Special!


Bing Crosby as 'Piro'!

I'm dreaming of a serafuku,
Like in the games I always play.
Where the girls are genki,
The choices plenty,
And save points will help me on the way.

I'm dreaming of a serafuku,
With floppy socks and ribbons too.
Where the girls are gentle and shy,
And they all wear fukus kawaii.

And featuring, playing the part of 'Largo', Mel Torme!

Ph34rb0ts camping on a spawning point.
Rail-gun stashed under a chair.
I've scouted the halls and doors, so I won't
Be pinned down by an ambush here.

Everybody knows a medpack and some power-mods
Help to make you 0wnz the game.
L4m3r kidz who try to grab the quad
Will die three times before they spawn again.

They try to frag me, but I'm too fast.
I'm strafing, jumping, then I'll nail you with a plasma blast.
And when you respawn, I'll be there too.
To put you down again and mutter, "I 0wnz3r j00."

And so I'm warning every llama here,
With pings from nine to forty-two.
You may think you're hot; well I'll show you're you're not.
I'm the L33t 0n3. I'm the L33t 0n3... and I 0wnz j00.

(ugh... I've gotta do something about this egg-to-nog ratio)

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