"The First Fanboy War"

The First Fanboy War, a vet'ran did say,
Was Over disputements of kwainess that day
Draegos made a pic
as to counter a lack
For sightings of Yuki 'came harder to track

Refrain: Fanboys, fanboy, fanboys, fanboys. So easily pro-voked to loosing their poise.

They looked up, and saw a girl
In such a fashion did The Church unfurl
Darkly Cute, Queen of Raves, titles she did claim,
as they flocked to her banner like moths to a flame


Sabers rattled, 'Forcers flashed--Thus the two groups did clash
Each wanting to clear out the heretic trash
With the slightest of nudge, by a Kimiko Fan:
Such was the manner that this War began.


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