Drawings of a Gaijin Otaku

Flip a page, so amazing,
Yuki's brain, can't stop praising,
These amazing drawings make her want to sing; the drawings of a gaijin otaku...

Later on, at Piro's workplace,
With a blush upon her face,
She says, "Teach me to draw, for I'm just in awe of your drawings mister gaijin otaku!"

For some reaon he doesn't want to teach her,
He says he's only in Japan a little while,
Then Erika says, "You really shouldn't defer,
You need money so you should just show your style."

And so now, Yuki day dreams,
Of chalk and flowers, while her eyes stream,
"Please don't go away, I need you to stay, I can't live without you, oh my sensei otaku!"

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