Raving in a Zombie's Evil Cave

Underground, 'neath the city
In a vault, dim and gritty,
We'll make our own hells at high decibels, raving in a Zombie's Evil Cave.

Clad in black, we'll all gyrate
While upstairs, they're all irate
As we rave away until crack o' day raving in a Zombie's Evil Cave.

Every now and then we'll see some poor stray
Who has gotten lost in Ginza town
He'll say: "Can I join you?" We'll say: "No way!
But if your soul's for sale, come on down!"

Later on we'll conspire
As we dream about fire
To face unafraid the foes that we made raving in a Zombie's Evil Cave.

Now and then we'll have a different deejay
Who will play a new exciting groove;
He'll say: "Is it too loud?" We'll say: "No way,
There's nothing that high volume can't improve!"

Put an edge to your badness
'Midst the deafening madness:
It's hellishly loud, but we dance unbowed, raving in a Zombie's Evil Cave.

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