Flouncing in a Robot's Special Way

Ear blades ring, are you listening?
Plastic hair, see it glistening?
A beautiful sight, she's genki tonight, flouncing in a robot's special way.

Prototype, made by Sony,
But at heart, she's no phony:
Her feelings are real beneath stainless steel, flouncing in a robot's special way.

Superhuman powers she will betray
If you find a bus that's broken down:
You'll say: "How to move it?" She'll say: "This way,"
And fling it to the other side of town!

Now you know she's a charmer
(Don't you dare try to harm her):
All sweetness and light if you play her right, flouncing in a robot's special way.

Her amazing recall she will display
When she mentions details from your past:
You'll say: "How d'you know that?" She'll say: "This way..."
You'll hear your credit history, aghast!

So treat her nice, or you'll be toast
(She'll be back. With a lamppost!):
A charming machine (if you keep things clean), flouncing in a robot's special way.

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