Here We Come A-Swaggering: Another Yuletide Ode to Dom & Ed

Here we come a-swaggering
And spoiling for a fight
(Except for Ed, a-staggering
Beneath his wrappings tight):

"Love and joy" come to you,
And the horse that brought you, too:
And we'll find you and promise you a violent New Year,
Yes, we'll give you a lead-filled New Year.

We are true professionals
Who quite enjoy our work,
(Except for Dom who loves his bombs
And tends to run berserk):


We do prefer to travel light,
We never carry much
(Except heavy armaments,
And bullets, bombs, and such):


We fear no woman and no man
With all, a fight we'll pick
(Except this Sony prototype,
A pigtailed robot chick):


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