All Your Friends are Coming to Town

Oh, Piro!

You might want to run, you might want to hide,
You'd be better off buried underneath a landslide,
All your friends are coming to town!

First we have Dom, armed to the teeth,
And Ed flying through buildings with gaslines beneath,
All your friends are coming to town!

Largo disturbs you when he's sleeping,
And annoys you while awake
Raving 'bout zombies and b33r,
And lauching flying stakes.

So you might want to give up, you might want to ph34r,
Soon all the rest can afford to fly here!
All your friends are coming
GTL is coming
Dom and Ed are coming
All your friends are coming
To tooooowwwwwn!

Edit: Alternate third verse
Largo causes trouble,
Can't cope with reality,
But you better hope that next Tuesday
He can save the whole city!

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