[Chibi D posted some wallpaper here just after New Year's with a question on it that I felt worth answering.]

Does it Matter?

A player piano; the theme to KareKano
a classical guitarist, using a pick
for this one song
on the edge of a fountain
now quiescent
in an ACen lobby; a baby grand
would be classier
but the synth is also Yamaha
and the front desk would not approve
of the fans gathered 'round and wistfully
listening to a song no one will ever sing
because it has too many words
for lyrics.

A cosplayer, now Azalyn,
was yesterday Inverse;
she's short and she's sweet
and you love her completely, even including her toes
and though you're not sure her hair's the right color outdoors
you want to know who she'll be
after the con.

And, after all, when you hug the moogle,
it can't dance.

- _Quinn

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