Being for the Benefit of Inspector Sonoda

For the benefit of Sonoda-san
There will be an invasion in Shimbashi.
The Martians will come decimate,
With permits filed in triplicate, and notarized.
The rays of death and giant mechs
Just mean more work for the architects come tomorrow.
And if they screw up, Inspector S. will throw them in jail!

The overstressed Inspector S.
Files paperwork on riot requests in Roppongi.
The Martians better leave on time,
Or there will be a hefty fine, while Meimi-san waits patiently.
He's already had to work late twice
This week, and come home to microwaved rice and cold tea.
But that's the price you pay if you want chaos to be organized!

Then in the morning he'll eat pancakes,
A few moments peace before the window shakes and the telephone rings.
There was an explosion in Tokyo bay,
It's that damn turtle again, he never obeys the ordinances.
He'll briefly consider retirement,
But there's no one in Tokyo as competent as Sonoda-san.
So with a sigh, he puts on his coat, and goes to work again!

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