For One So Young
(Sonoda Yuki)

What blood is this you see on my hands?
I'd like to be told, when all is ended.
What sin is mine, what terrible deed,
or what gods have I offended?

Every day it seems, I gamble with my heart.
How many among you will ever claim as such?
Tell me why you will all do nothing
when love comes unbidden, and it hurts so much.

Is it only because you want to see
how much torment can be taken?
Is it because I dare what you will not
that in your eyes am I forsaken?

All I have the strength to offer
unto your judgement I now give.
I'll chase my dream through tearful nights.
as long as I have the will to live.

A man with poetry in his soul.
Together I suppose that we
could find happiness enough our hearts to save.
Its all so simple, it seems to me.

I hold tight to my heart and close my eyes
to an aching promise that I cannot capture.
I want only to see where we can go.
In one hand ruin, in the other rapture.

~Sonoda Yuki
Cheers to May and to December
pretty things that can't remain
nights you can't but help remember
even if they never came

In other words, l33t poem, jonasan! A man after my own heart, melancholy, and name (hey, give that back! ^_____^ ). Good to see original verse is still alive on the forums. ^_^
A beautiful dream 'neath reality's heel
Unrequition extracts it's toll
Pain's resonation, as we, too, feel
The futile courage of a tragic soul.

Absolutely beautiful, my friend. Verse such as this becomes rarer and rarer around here. I look forward to your future works.

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