Quietly she peers
Looking at you with her eyes
You see them glowing
The evil in her showing
Through your soul now
You call her the Zombie Queen
The truth won't be seen
By your eyes Largo-sensei
She's an undead girl

Lurking silently
Atop the pole she calls you
"Do you still love me?"
You don't understand her words
No answer to give
With you a game she's playing
With your lonely heart
Now the words tear you apart
Who is this young girl
With black ribbons in her hair
Why does she tease you

Nobody loves her
Were you programmed just for her
Are these feelings real
Why is she your only friend
Piro never plays you
She is the one you turn to
But will she use you
In the worst possible way
Manipulate you
Cause a rift between the two
You, Piro, Largo

No one understands
You veil yourself in shadow
Alone you cry tonight
Unable to feel the light
Slowly you're falling
Dying to reach the hard ground
In the mind of those you hate
Those who had hurt you
When death at last comes for you
Then you'll be happy

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