Draegos' Theme Song
A filk of The Weird Al Show Theme
Apologies to Weird Al
None to Draegos
By Arram

Oh this is a story of that guy Draegos
And he lived far in Texas where he wasn't like most
But the prim and proper lame girls really didn't approve
So he packed up all of his snow and he had to move
To a city on Na Pali where he hoped he could be
Able to rescue all of the cute fangirls he could see
But there were no girls, just aliens and trees
And every single day he shouted that he had a dream
Where he was dancing with a Necris and a Skaarj who's big and green
But that's really not important to the story

Well the very next year he found a novice cartoonist
Who put out three good strips every week (every week)
And he saw the girls were cute and he got an idea
So he went and got a place in that Mega-city
And he gave his life meaning by learning how to draw
Just like that denying manga-ka (manga-ka)
And he really gives a mighty fine
Soothing and relaxing back rub
From what I've heard

Then one day Draegs was in the forums just browsing around
When he heard the crazy screaming of a necrophile girl
She was whining for something and Draegos could see
Something had to be done; they needed more Yuki
But it turned out she'd been the idol of more than just three
So they started some shouting and whaddaya know
Hey, he has his very own faction now!

The Weird Al Show Theme
By Weird Al Yankovic

Oh, this is a story 'bout a guy named Al
And he lived in a sewer with his hamster pal
But the sanitation workers really didn't approve
So he packed up his accordion and had to move
To a city in Ohio where he lived in a tree
And he worked in a nasal decongestant factory
And he played on the company bowling team
And every single night he had a strange recurring dream
Where he was wearing lederhosen in a vat of sour cream
But that's really not important to the story

Well, the very next year he met a dental hygienist
With a spatula tattooed on her arm (on her arm)
But he didn't keep in touch
And he lost her number
Then he got himself a job on a tater tot farm
And he spent his life savings on a split-level cave
Twenty miles below the surface of the earth (of the earth)
And he really makes a mighty fine
Jelly bean and pickle sandwich
For what it's worth

Then one day Al was in the forest trying to get a tan
When he heard the tortured screaming of a funny little man
He was caught in a bear trap and Al set him free
And the guy that he rescued was grateful as could be
And it turns out he's a big-shot producer on TV
So he gives Al a contract and whaddaya know?
Now he's got his very own Weird Al Show!

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