This song/poem is for Fred's evocative sketch of Kotone. The music is Turlough O'Carolan's harp composition titled "Captain O'Kane". A link to the midi-file sequenced by Barry Taylor can be found here.


It's the season of Sight,
When the colors of the world are going,
And the motions of life
Seem saddened and slow.

There is mist in my eyes
Where the clouds of winter's breath are blowing,
And the close, leaden skies
Are freighted with snow.

When the shadows of pines
In that forest of mine
Have grown dark as the halls
Of these narrow brick walls,
Then I sit by my window and watch the light flee,
Until charcoal and umber are all I can see.

If you gaze at a field
Where snow has fallen through the winter evening,
That blankness will yield
To you shadows and dreams.

When you look at my eyes,
What emotions do you think you're seeing?
Can you read any signs
Of love's fugitive gleam?

Now the flames climb the trees,
All the branches and leaves
Burn like green votive lights
At the shrine of my life,
And the promise of happiness drifts away free,
Until smoke and grey ashes are all I can see.

Now the sun fades away
Like an oil-lamp left too long burning,
As the clouds grow more gray,
And the mist to snow turns.

The shapes of burnt trees
Beneath a quilt of snow I am discerning,
Look like skeletal keys
To a door of return.

And the snow falling down
To the ash on the ground
Blurs the earth with the air,
No horizon line there,
And I dream of a time that I hope may yet be
When grey ash and cold snow are not all I can see.

When grey ash and cold snow are not all I can see.

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