An MT Otaku
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to Pink Floyd

When you're an otaku
With little money,
What do you do?
You read MT.

Every day,
If Junpei
Is paired off

Write fanfics,
And RPs, too.
Rarely do
New ideas come through

Read it all,
Go to cons,
Meet Fred and maybe Dom.

One of the Few
by Pink Floyd

When you're one of the few
To land on your feet,
What do you do
To make ends meet?

Make 'em mad,
Make 'em sad,
Make 'em add
Two and two.

Make 'em me,
And make 'em you,
Make 'em do
What you want them to.

Make 'em laugh,
Make 'em cry,
Make 'em lay down and die.

- Do note that in the original song, lyric sites everywhere say this:

. . . to make ends meet?

And yet, when I listen to the song, this word is missing. For this reason, I have cut it out from both my filk and the original lyrics of said filk.

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