Nnnnnnng aaaaaaaaaaah dammit, okay, I give up, I can't resist! Such good verse about my favorite spooky chick! Coleridge can wait, I just can't stand idly by!

The Warrior thinks himself unbeatable,
But his type is never uncheatable:
He's resistant to Cuts and Sprains
But lacking in Sense and Brains,
Thus his Pride makes him defeatable.

He's easily fooled by feminine Wiles,
Readily seduced by subtle Half-Smiles:
At your Gesture he will follow,
All his Purpose rendered hollow,
Thus his Submission you plot meanwhiles.

Though his bodily Powers be at their Peak,
Strong drink is Refuge that he'll seek
Whilst he waits for your Return
Once to your Boudoir you adjourn,
Thus his Attraction makes him weak.

He drinks, and his Speech becomes bombastic,
He drinks, and his Will becomes elastic.
With dawn he's hungover and tired,
Remembers naught of what transpired,
Thus his Impression, an evening fantastic.

--Libations 93:1-20

*sigh* It's not up to the standards of the present company, gomen. Forgive me, I'm sober and I have a terrible headache. This thread was a great idea and beautifully executed, all y'all.

I've made up my mindů I'm gonna quit this data-janitor crap, I'm gonna sell all my stuff and move back to Hawai'i and be a full-time poetaster. Days, sit on the beach and watch the clouds being pushed over the Pacific by the trade winds; nights, drink Ozeki and write rhymes. All I need is a lanai (windows optional) and an Internet connection. And Ozeki.

Hey, all you Church of Miho fans: dig the soundtrack at
this Web site; it might take a while to load but it's worth it. Add this to the Church of Miho graphic: imagine the possibilities!

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