I must humbly state
my wishes, to write sonnets,
should they have a thread?

I remember not
the rules for writing sonnets,
no syllable count?

My mistress, I find I've come to thee,
on the mercy of your darkest grace,
your cuteness is all that comforts me,
as sickening brightness fills this place.

Your raver minions have eased my mind,
dancing fast, as though caught in flame,
comforted to be among my kind,
so many people wearing the same.

Ravers writhing, their clothes neon bright,
and this kind of music needs no bands,
Miho's minions, clothes dark as night,
strobe lights do odd things to their hands.

It's a damn weird use of imagery,
guess I can't write sonnets, sucks to be me.

Ah well, I tried I used to be good at sonnets, but then haiku took over my life

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