[OOC: Dr. Tripp: If Miho & Kimiko ever /are/ in the same strip, I'll start a 'Kimiko & Miho (Verse)' topic as soon as I see it... so keep both of your nice poem halves around.]

The '1337' manuscript translates some passages rather differently than previous efforts. For instance, Introductions 2:1 may sound rather familiar...

The Look

Walking like a liche lord,
hitting with a hammer,
she's an undead Queen,
never was a quitter,
likes the taste of blooddrops --
she's got the Look.

Heavenly bound,
because heaven's got her number,
when she's spinning all around
raving is a color
her dancing is a dark thing --
she's got the Look.

She's got the Look,
she's got the Look:
what in the world can make the Darkly Cute change hue,
when everything the zombies do,
they do for you?
And I go:
la la la la la -- she's got the Look.

Fire in her eyes,
naked to the T-bone
is a raver's disguise:
ribbon in her hair down,
shaking like a mad dog --
she's got the Look.

Swaying to the rave,
moving like a hammer,
she's a undead queen:
raving is her ocean,
darkness is the wet sand,
she's got the Look.


[OOC -- Apparently squee remembers the 80s, because he's already added this to the 'wombicon. ]

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