Let me know if you'd like to see more of this, or if y'all're sick of Roxette.


"Hello, you fool, I 0wn you,
c'mon join the deathmatch."

I get hit out of nowhere,
I have to jump over a car,
be a player in this lame game,
collecting the stars.

Don't need no Necrowombicon,
I don't need no trash talk at all:

she caught a train going downtown,
she took the color from the moon:

and she'd never tell her secrets
to a wonderful ballon;
she's the heart of the darkness,
she's got me whistling "I'm just a l00n"

And it all
when it ends

and she's all
necromantic fiend.

She says:
"Hello, you fool, I 0wn you,
c'mon join the deathmatch.
Join the deathmatch!"



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