[The purpose of an Anime Hijack is to take an episode of anime and set up an extended metaphor, a conceit, between it and Megatokyo, pulling on the quintessential story that runs between the two.]

[A not-so-spoilerful synopsis of Haibane Renmei 1 can be found at Sekai no Hajimari, the best Haibane Renmei site in existence ]

[episode 1: Coocon; A dream of falling from the sky; Old Home]
[scene 1: opening theme 061]

Kimiko is walking on an empty sidewalk. A cold wind blows, and she stops to brace herself against it, crossing her arms. <I'm cold, suddenly...> She picks up her pace a bit to get to the train station and hurry home.

She'd been a klutz all day. Tripping over herself, she had even gone so far to throw the coffee pot at a customer. That would not suit the manager well. All she could think about, however, was the leering faces of those fanboys. They were like nasty crows, eating up all the slime and filth they could get. And to think that she had used those attachments in some sort of way to suit them... the whole topic made her flush with rage and embarrasment.

And now, there she was, descending the steps to the train station.

[scene 2: finding the egg 062]

Piro was sick and tired of living. He'd come to that point in this endless cycle of journeying where all he wanted to do was to leave and go home. Of course, he couldn't do that; no, there was always Largo to carry around and take care of, Largo to blow money on beer, Largo to blow (normally expensive) things up. Why did he even bother?

"Damn. I barely have enough money to buy a railcard."

He walked down the train station. From the corner of his eye he saw a woman, standing there, gazing into her purse with that look on her face that says: "I thought I had correct change, but... erk!" And he stopped in his tracks. From a distance he admirered her; for, caught up in the tension of not having proper funds, he saw a little bit too much of him in her.

[scene 3: cleaning up the room 062]

Almost involuntarily, Piro took a step toward her. All of a sudden it was like he was in one of those dating simulation games that Largo always made fun of him about. There were clearly only two choices here.

A: Go home.
B: Give the girl your rail card.

Under normal circumstances, he would never think about B. But years of indoctrination tugged at him, and he made his way over to meet her.

On second thought, she did look like the type of woman who would be a voice actress for one of those games. She was bright, undoubtably witty, and beautiful. She didn't hide her feelings, either. The angst of cashlessness was apparent on her face.

[scene 4: the hatching 062]

"Douzo.", Piro said.

She took the card from his hands, the entire world falling into place. She felt some strange feeling of catharsis the second she received it -- her day would not end so terribly, for the kindness of this man.

[scene 5: what it means to be a haibane 126]


The entire audition she seemed distracted. In truth, she was; the only think that she could think of was that stupid gaijin who gave her the card that was burning in her handbag. So she botched the audition.

And the weight of her future career came crashing down on her.

And talking about it with Erika helped... well, not at all. All Erika ever told her was how she had to make a few moral sacrifices to make it anywhere in the voice actress profession. All Erika ever said was that she should take each and every interview that came her way, whether it was H, yuri, or even tentacle-monster cliche sex.

Oh, and she told her not to laugh while making squeaking noises. Thanks, Erika.
--- End of Part 1 ---

I have to interrupt this hijack with the following quote:

Piro: "I'm named Piro, it means "rabid Kanon fanboy"

Well, that fits - about 4 comics for something that takes HR about 5 minutes to do...

I like the whole Piro = Reki, Kimiko = Rakka relationship that goes on here, but I don't think it was developed well enough. We'll have to work on that better in the next part.

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