After Mr. Jones, by the Counting Crows


Was down at the train station, once
Staring at my empty-palmed hand
Piro-san hands me his only railcard
And he's gone, then, 'fore I can stop him

You know, I think back to the way he looked that day
His kindness was beautiful
And we'd all like to be beautiful
I want to say something beautiful

So I board that same train again this morning

Shut up, Erika
I want to feel this is a good thing, so
Help me believe you, Piro-san

Be as you seem
Help me have faith in kinder things
'Cause I wanna be someone with that faith

Piro-san and me
Give each other frightened looks
And we stare at each other's reflections
He's looking this way - aw, no, no, that's just how it seems
Smiling at his memory
Coming to my mind again
When someone understands you
Surely that is less lonely

Well, he drew this little picture
Lonely in the snow, and all these shades of grey
Whatever is in her eyes there looks a lot like what it is I feel
Yeah, well, you know, grey is my favourite colour
I feel such a bond with Kotone
An' if I have this drawing
Maybe I can find how that might be portrayed

Piro-san and me
Feeling strangely hopeful
Yeah, we stare at each other's reflections
He's looking at me - I don't think so, that's just how it seems
Thinking of his memory
I put that picture on my wall
If someone understands me
Maybe I won't be lo~onely

Maybe I won't be lonely
I sure would like not to be
I want to trust in someone
Ehh, everybody's scared to meet my eyes
We would all like to have good friends, yeah, but,
That don't mean that we're not still shy

Be as you seem
'Cause I don't have faith in kinder things, and I
I wanna be someone with that faith (with that faith, with that faith, yeah)

Piro-san and me
Lost in our apologies
Yeah, we stare at each other's reflections
I'm looking at you, but I don't know what you could see in me
I want to be an actress
Piro-san has this girl who he is when he's dreaming
If someone understands you, then, hey, maybe that's a time it's okay to dream

Piro-san and me
Try to get ourselves across
If I turn, look into his eyes, I think I might see me
Starin' right back at me
We all wanna have good friends
But we're all afraid,
And we don't know how
But when someone understands you
That's gotta be
Just about the best start that there could be

Piro-san and me
We're gonna be good friends

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