Ren'ai Is Better

I...I need a girlfriend,
I need to find one today.
I...I'm always lonely
never know just what to say.
I, I, I, wake up and wonder
How will we meet? What is her name?
I try to speak, but shyness comes agaiinnnn...

She...comes over slowly.
She gives me back my notebook.
I...insult my artwork,
embarrassed she's had a look.
W-H-A-T! Your manga's lovely!
I cringe and hide as Yuki vents her spleeeeeeen.

I got a girlfriend, on diskette upstairs.
I play whenever I like.
She's kawaii; I'm so debonair.
She's built with SmallTalk AI.
Better than this, what if it's fake?
I think it's safer than life.
Ren'ai girlfriends, they never holler,
I like my dates without strife.

Down...down in the subway
I hear the sound of the trains.
and I...I see a cute girl,
she's fumbling 'round for some change.
I, I, I, hand her my railcard.
I'm walking home, with low self-esteem.
I know how lame this action makes me seeeeeem.

Later she comes by to pay back with food.
My sister drives her away.
Only one look, was all she did need.
My morals viewed with dismay.
She walks away, she walks away
She walks away, walks away.
I got ren'ai, with hair bow that's red.
She won't fling pots at my head. (here she loads...)

[instrumental bridge]

I got ren'ai, that's better than that.
They've all got cute down-cast eyes.
I boot it up, all alone in my room.
I'll get no awkward surprise.
I type in words, they blush and smile
typing words, blushing smiles.
I got ren'ai that's better than this.
I get a virtual kiss.

I got ren'ai, that's better than that
Erika gives me the eye.
She coming over, I'm feeling quite tense.
I fear that I'm gonna die.
Don't make me tense, don't make me tense,
Don't make me tense, make me tense.
I got ren'ai that's better than that.
Anything is better than this. (isn't it?)

Yes, I was listening to Talking Heads over the weekend. And yes, I need to get a life.

The original lyric (Girlfriend is Better) is almost free verse, with weak and/or nonexistent rhyming. I enforced somewhat stronger rhyming on myself for discipline and practice, but still allowed a little slack in a couple places.

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