fibres we used were very strong, but of the highest quality. She'll never get a split end, but to touch it, you'd never know it wasn't real hair


"Itai..." She drags impatiently at a knot, wincing more immersive if she reacts as though she can truly feel pain, and of course, there are those in our audience who are paying specifically for such a feature "<Hurry up,>" she admonishes her hair, "<I have to get to school!>"


hearing far more precise than a person's; the EDS is designed to pick up all she can about the owner's personality and incorporate it into her program

"So much like a real girl, isn't she?"

she chooses to do with it, however, it up to her. The 'Ping' model has the most advanced AI we have ever designed, capable of she pauses a moment, watching the door.


A few seconds tick by.

emotional range easily equal to a human's. I know many would argue they are not 'real' emotions, but once you have achieved the point we have, who can say what is


She starts. "<Wah! I don't have time to think! I'm going to be late!>"

many ways, more than human; certainly, when she chooses, in strength and speed, though in as many situations as posible she will attempt to behave like a real


there I go using that term again


can detect facial expressions with astonishing sensitivity and react accordingly; her job is to please ... eyes feature pupils that dilate realistically, and a gaze that's pretty hard to resist, if I do say so

"Wha... Who's there?"
"<Ping?>" Glasses fumbled. "<What time is it?>"
Rustling as she approaches.
Like a lost child...
"<Piro-kun... Am I real?>"

last for several days as long as she doesn't exert herself too hard; after all, there is no 'pause' or 'power off' feature in real


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