(This doesn't really have the oomph of Garran's original, nor is it intended to; I just couldn't resist, in the style of the Necrowombicon, adding to the developers' diary...)

fibres we used were very strong, but of the highest quality. She'll never get a split end, but to touch it, you'd never know it wasn't real hair

Simulations indicate that in 'full Leia mode,' the fibres will deflect a 9mm bullet...

more immersive if she reacts as though she can truly feel pain, and of course, there are those in our audience who are paying specifically for such a feature

It's rather curious; market studies indicate that simple torture is relatively uninteresting to the consumer -- presumably jaded by the work already available -- that it's emotional pain of one sort or another that would command the highest margin.

emotional range easily equal to a human's. I know many would argue they are not 'real' emotions, but once you have achieved the point we have, who can say what is

Real? How am I certain that you feel? We have reams of biometric data whose analysis has led to the EDS; in all but two ways, one of them in the infared, and thus invisible to the naked eye, the... cybermetric data from a Doll is indistinguishable from your own. (Except that hers is a lot cuter. )

can detect facial expressions with astonishing sensitivity and react accordingly; her job is to please ... eyes feature pupils that dilate realistically, and a gaze that's pretty hard to resist, if I do say so [myself...]

Of course you do. We all do; we had to test her on someone. It was Chairman Ohga that she had to charm; and she did.

The only worry I have is about the programmers putting in 'Easter Eggs'...


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