you've a gift
granted by the hand of God
don't get me wrong
this might sound to you a bit odd

but you draw the place
where all my thoughts go hiding
and right under your pens
is where I find them

Underneath your pens
there's a pretty drawing
there's the art I chose
there's my oratory
and all these things I deserve
for being such a good girl, Piro

Because of you
My friends think that I've got a crush
because of you
I've got so many reasons to blush

wish my friends were gone --
when the lesson's over
the art still gives rise to expression

[Chorus /]

[Chorus /]

(I'd) love to be your student, more'n anything
inkin' drawin' paintin' sketching
you know it's true
oh, Piro, it's so funny
you almost don't believe me

But my voice is caught up in a silence
mics are hanging from the ceiling
like a lady has her good manners
I'm tied up in self-expression

[Chorus /]

[Chorus /]


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