Everything always
Comes out so wrong
All I want is to understand

Once you've seen
Inside someone -
As he looks at me now, his eyes are veiled
- But I can't just
Look away

Once you've seen
Inside someone
How can you let them go?

I can never find
The right words.

He is so sad
I know that I
Was never supposed to see
(But I saw)
And once you've seen
Inside someone


I don't want to let go.

How can you not
Want to help?
How can you not want to confide
Faced with another
Human's pain
How can you not want them to know you as well?
How can you not
Want to hold them
And be held, not in passion, but
And trust, and a lantern 'gainst the darkness of isolation

Are those
The right words?

Maybe it's simpler than that

He is so sad
And I think
Maybe if I could only understand
Maybe he wouldn't
Be so sad

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