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"Are the Girls in Snow Sad Because They're Wearing Uncomfortable Bras?"

A Psycho-Social Analysis

Sonada Yuki, PhD

(Love his art
love his sadness
hold out hope
that he's got the madness
where he would love you too.)

... In sketches 17 - 31, we see a variety of tableaus drawing on the repeated motifs of mittens, benches, train stations, and big, puffy, but suprisingly curvaceous coats...

(Do your hair up
just for him
hold out hope
that you're not too slim
for him to love you too.)

... Other sketches render what appear to be relatively uninformed imaginings of sad girls in their underwear, earlier works showing a distinct tendency towards the hentai style pioneered ...

(Call him a liar
when he talks down his art
hold out hope
that he's playing a part
and loves his work like you do.)

... Girls, perhaps, is not the best word to describe the subjects of these works; 'girl' implies a certain awareness of distinctions in age ...

(Kick his ass
if he looks at Mami like that --
hold out hope
that he looks at you like that --
that he loves you true.)

... Applying techniques from handwriting analysis, and a few specialty Photoshop filters, it is possible to empirically determine those parts of the sketches on which was spent the most time. A sample of professional opinions was taken to control for difficulty ...

(Love his art
love his madness
hold out hope
that he hasn't got his sadness
from wearing an uncomfortable bra.)


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