feel the yearning

for lips on your own
that will taste of your sorrow
and then revere it;

for mature peers
that will not mock your desire
to return sketchbooks*;

for a better family:
for an uglier mother
and a father with a job
where he's your hero,
and not anyone else's;

for the time and the room
and a place and a space
for the learning of love;

for the map and the treasure
or just even the pleasure
of erasing a dragon there.

I f33l your yearning
and I fear for your learning
which dragons be where.


* Sorry, couldn't resist.

[Editorially, I have two notes to make: first, I don't think the last stanza says quite what it should; and second, I think 'f33l the yearning' is a good 'slogan' for Yuki. Let me know...]

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