In my bed I roll and twist
But the the insistent beeping just *wont shut up*

Quoth the 'larum clock, "Crash!"

"Fn. finefineFineFineFINE." Throw m'self out of bed, and stagger into the computer room.

The sound of one more fan joins Piro's literary eight.

Make a little breakfast by monitor light, 'n try not to get too many crumbs in the keyboard as it finishes the boot.

I sip my o-cha as Windows Loads, savoring that the slight rush of caffiene. I was never a coffee person, but caffiene is caffiene, be it in leaves or beans.

Point and click click click whiirrr.....IE's loadin'
MT's my start page.

Before the page loads, I jump down to the rants. I prefer a complete surprise. So the rant hasn't been updated. Means nothing.

Lady, Tiger, Or Vacant Room?
Update, SGD, or Naught?


And so pause and linger, leisurely draw my eyes along the lines of Fred's art and imagine dialogue in my head. There are advantages to given more time to stew over what you've been given, to re-read the archives and laugh at the old made new by time.

But at least I move on to the forums: I've got some poetry to catch up on.

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