The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt her. Sometimes, though, people go places you just can't follow, and you just gotta sit in your car in the parking lot watching the rain come down and the planes go up until you're sure she's gone, and then drive away slowly and get lost on the way to the grocery store.

Going to the mega city to become an actress, huh? Sometimes, when you chase your dreams, you run away from reality, and the benighted fools among us who live there. And so you wonder, if by not being able to fly, I hold you down. But I'm happy enough to be your roost and listen to you sing and watch you dance in the sky... alone. Which, I suppose, is the whole thing.

The thing with marching to the beat of a different drummer is that the parade ground is small, and two dimensional. The skies, though, like your eyes, are large enough to get lost in.

That's the problem with chicks, I guess: eventually, they all learn to fly.


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