Origin: folksong
The Cool-Thing Largo Bore

There's an idol name of Erika hiding down Yoyogi way,
She's a beauty, boys, I wouldn't lie, but heed me when I say
That if you go to trespass at the Megagamer's store,
You'll rue the day you ever saw that cool-thing Largo bore.

You may talk of swords and chainsaws and your arsenal of guns,
You may brag upon your Killstick, but when all is said and done,
I learned what 0wn4ge really meant in Megatokyo lore
The day those zombies fell before that cool-thing Largo bore.
The Hat Ned Kelly Wore

Good evening to youse one and all, good luck to what I say,
I've just stepped in to see you boys before I go away,
I've brought to you the relics boys, of the good old days of yore,
You'll curse the day you trampled on the hat Ned Kelly wore.

You may talk about your cheese cutters and your stiff brim panamas.
You may talk about your war caps all colours and bright stars.
I've searched the Chinese stations, from Hong Kong to Singapore,
And I never seen the equal of the hat Ned Kelly wore.

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