Types: Verse, Parody
The following fragment is very old and controversial; it is supposedly the last remaining fragment of Yamiko's final writing, an epic poem allegedly penned by the prophet in his dotage, as he lay dying, embittered and bereft of inspiration in a temple in the mountains near Kyoto, waited on by aging miko. Readers should be warned that the veracity of this piece is extremely suspect, not least due to its suspicious resemblance to another famous piece of poetry (though whether this is indicative of forgery or plagiarism on part of the latter poet would take wiser minds than ours to say for certain).

I little prophet, now, an idle ping
Near a still heart, among these barren hags
Match'd with an aged life I peter, old
Unequal jaws couched in a wrinkled face
With gums that scrape and bleed and show no teeth.

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