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[OOC: Dr. Tripp: If Miho & Kimiko ever /are/ in the same strip, I'll start a 'Kimiko & Miho (Verse)' topic as soon as I see it...<hr/>


<POETRY TYPE=sonnet METER=iambicpentameter>

She sits, alone, the windows shuttered tight,
The single naked light bulb has been dimmed,
The monitor provides her only light,
A necromancer's battle now begins.

She stands, alone, atop a distant hill,
Her undead minions carry on the fight,
Against the foolish Paladin, who still
Is battling for all he thinks is right.

But wait, what's this? A Sorceress appears,
A flame pierces the shadows, through the strife.
Her minions flee in stark panic and fear;
Her enemies prepare to end her life.

Young Miho quits the game, her eyes aflame;
For we all know that two-on-ones are lame.


Just Miho playin' Diablo. Not my best work, but not horrid either.

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