From America, by Simon and Garfunkel

Heard the reports: Hayasaka-san may be in Tokyo
Nobody knows who the message was from
But we've followed the coordinates, and tried to verify...
And we're moving to look for Erika.

Tama-san, somewhere, is hunting for flaws in the network
Kimura, Komatsu, and Hatta stand by
Nearing the entrance, I find my heart racing, 'cause
I've come to look for Erika

Injuries sustained,
But proceeding with mission
Hurt by a man in a vending machine; such is life.
Though it destroy me, I'll capture her face in my camera!

Now I kneel down, as is proper, and enter the game store
Products entice me, but I pass them by.
Near the back is a I turn to the right
And a woman rises before my eyes

Six-two-six-four, I cry, and I know I have lost her
But no single failure can keep us away
The idol belongs to us! We're going to find her!
We'll all come to look for Erika!
All come to look for Erika
All come to look for Erika

About halfway through writing this, I came across an instance where, unbeknownst to me, the very same idea had already occured to e-Monk. The themes we settled on are different enough that I decided to proceed, but it would be improper not to acknowledge the precedent. Gomen ne, Monk-san!

Two little things: in the "look for Erika" lines, "for" needs to be treated as a two-syllable word. Second, "Kimura" is pronounced "K'mura."

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