This is not life. This is a season stolen - the hour before the fall.

I hate you Idoru-sama.

Tears of hatred and of fear,
Your words fall silent. I won't hear.
You know the price and so do I
of love and fame.

We made greatness, you and I,
Our songs written on the sky.
The lights call out for a star!
They shout my name.

I can't go back.

Fame's a fickle lord,
you can fall by your own sword.
But you must hold your oath to him.
You cannot run.

The sweet games of late are past,
your heart knew they could not last.
No more warm and simple days
under the sun.

I won't go on.

Return now to your place,
and grow sick of your own face.
You've sold yourself to them!
Hear their cries.

Leave this refuge sought too late.
Go outside and face your fate.
An eternity alone!
Before their eyes.


How long can I make this moment last?

~Erika & Hyasaka-sama

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