As giant turtles in the bay appear,
So fathers sat at breakfast interrupt
Their usual morning's feeding when they hear
The sound of urgent phonecalls to pick up.

The half-express'ed fatherly concern,
That but a beat ago held grave import,
Shall have to join the queue and wait its turn
When all's been taken care of at the port.

A brother, as genetics would dictate,
Is more concerned with taunting sister-dear;
The sounds of farmyard beasts he'll imitate,
Though her chagrin, at least to us, is clear.

And yet a mother seems to understand,
Alone in sensing feelings hid so deep
That even in their bearer's mind they stand
Beneath a veil, denied, and there to keep

Their silence until times less fraught with doubt,
When questions have been answered, truths revealed,
And either cause for joy, to laugh and shout,
Or else th'eternal wait as wounds are healed.

Our heroine, of course, may credit not
That Mum went through this in her younger years.
"They couldn't understand! They'd think I've got
Some teenage crush! Not so!" resound her fears.

And so, while turtles, dad and brother, mum,
Finish their preperations for the day,
Dear Yuki sees that her moment has come.
And so, to resolution, she'll away.

And as for us, dear readers, we must wait
And see what Piro-san has has yet in store,
For though the passing time may seem so great,
You know they'll leave us crying out for more.

[/iambic pentameter]

Figured I may as well make my return with more than the usual three lines, since it's been a while, and I've always liked the iambic form despite being pretty lousy at it...

I have an urge to play around with some funkier rhyme patterns, but that'll do as a first attempt. I may return with some more IP verse at the weekend, depending upon the attendance of my muse, or lack thereof...

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