heh, just a quickie caus i really liked the depressing mood that JRandom set
oh btw, my sig is from "The Poet's Advice" by John G. Neihardt

and yet, the city still as coldly burns
I never knew the coldness of its light
a thousand lights in neon, green and red
enough to blind the darkness of the night
but all I want is warmth, that I cannot find
this weary life in which nothing seems right
the blankets are cold, I toss them aside
refusing to let tears again blur my sight

step out on the balcony, the city athrobs
with slumbering life, a myriad of light
the strangest feeling comes upon me as though
I'm looking at life from a distant height
what are they doing? why are they here?
anonymous faces, smiling, polite
is there some meaning to life that I'm missing?
or do I just think too much of my plight?

this sudden weakness surprises myself
what is the matter? I was always alright
well not quite alright, but I've learned to ignore
the emptiness that threatens to tear me inside
a cold breeze blows past, I shiver a bit
my nightgown is really too thin for tonight
but I won't stay here long, just long enough to let
the chilly night wind freeze the tears in my sight

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