after "Vincent" by Don Mclean

Lonely, lonely girl,
look out on your world of grey,
chain the thoughts you need to say;
in cages of your own imagining.

Darkness in your eyes,
Sadness greying your blue skies,
Morbid thoughts and tortured sighs;
your pale face framed by angel's mourning wings.

Now I understand
why you tried to reach me,
and how you suffered for your beauty,
how you tried to set me free.

I could not listen,
I did not know how.
It doesn't matter now.

Lonely, lonely girl,
childlike features, adult ways,
violet eyes and haunted gaze,
reflect the darkness of my captive soul

Sadness o'er you reigns,
steals my honour, causes shame,
makes me feel empathic pain -
although I can't admit I feel at all.

For I could not see you,
as who you really were for me,
and when no hope was left inside,
on that bleak and bitter night,
you took your leave and left me in the gloom...
I should have told you, Miho,
this world is bleak and empty
when I can no longer see you.

Lonely, lonely girl,
Mourner's clothing hides your light,
gives your shape a bitter bite,
your life appears as if by winter chilled

Like the strangers that you met,
the ego-driven gaijin man
who could not see your gentle hand,
was raised in plaintive hope of tenderness.

Now I think I know,
what you tried to say to me,
how you hoped so much that I would see,
the gaping empty place inside your heart

But I did not see you,
I did not know how -
There's no time for us now.


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