Just as Meagen finished saying "eight", someone shouted "Get her!" and all Hell broke loose as the various CoMmies rushed forward, intent on capturing the girl who had assaulted their mistress.

Fortunately, she had only been at "seven" when she tensed up and with one elegant leap, placed herself on the nearest rooftop and with a clear head start.

The chase was on.

As she bounced from roof to roof, closely pursued by about two dozens of black-coated Player Killers, Meagen considered her options. Going to hyperspeed required about a minute's concentration, so she couldn't do that yet. She had to go back at some point, explain that the attack was not her doing, and try to find out more. But for now, she had angry Mihoists on her tail, intent on capturing her or worse.

A mischievious grin formed on her face. She had missed this.

She slowed down slightly, making her jumps shorter, the rests between them longer. It wasn't obvious, but it was enough for the quickest of her pursuers to catch up. She landed in a crouch, listened for the sound of a blade (most likely a katana) being drawn from a steath behind her-

-then twirled around and launched herself straight at the Mihoist. Quite surprised by this turn of events, not quite sure if he should attack, dodge or defend himself, he did nothing to stop Meagen from soaring past him, then kick off for another jump from his back. Propelled downwards by the Laws of Anime Physics, he ended slamming face-down onto the sidewalk below, sending up a cloud of concrete dust. By the time he regained counciousness, he had completely lost sight of the chase. (He had a slight nosebleed, but was otherwise unharmed.)

Meanwhile, Meagen had made two consecutive leaps straight through the group of pursuers, similarly confusing them and sending them into complete disarray. The slower ones suddenly found themselves closer to her, blocking the way of the faster ones. They spent a while attempting to regroup without losing sight of Meagen. The latter, at least, was quite easy, as she was now glowing with a bright blue light which most of them recognised from their training as her battle aura.

They followed the streak of blue light as it moved from rooftop to rooftop, until suddenly it flew straight up, seemingly vanishing into the night sky. This perplexed the pursuers somewhat, until they realised the chase had brought them to the foot of Tokyo Tower. And the rogue Largo fangirl was now trapped up there.


[AN: It's not dead yet! This chase scene may take a while, though. ^^;]

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